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People #PrayForNigeria After Terror Attack Kills 32, Injures 80

An explosion at a fruit and vegetable market killed 32 people and injured 80 others on Tuesday in Yola, Nigeria, according to the local Red Cross and Nigeria’s National Emergency Management Agency.

Officials believe militant Islamist group Boko Haram is responsible. In October, Boko Haram is also suspected of setting a bomb at a newly opened mosque, killing 27 people. Boko Haram has killed thousands over the last six years and is suspected of carrying out attacks in Chad, Niger and Cameroon in recent weeks. 

Similar to the hashtag used after the massacre in Paris, #PrayForParis, people on social media are showing their support for the victims of the attack by using the hashtag #PrayForNigeria and adding a Nigerian flag filter over their profile pictures. This hashtag was also used after Boko Haram allegedly killed about 2,000 Nigerians earlier this year. People in the area are also using Facebook’s safety check feature to notify their friends they’re out of harm’s way. 

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Elizabeth Warren’s VP prospects: The good and the bad

(CNN)Elizabeth Warren’s toe-to-toe Twitter duels with Donald Trump, her blistering speeches branding him a racist, and her meeting with Hillary Clinton on Friday have ignited a wave of speculation that she could soon find herself on the Democratic presidential ticket.

Such a pairing would be big news and bring new possibilities to the presidential race and a potential Clinton presidency. But there are also reasons to question whether it would be the kind of dream ticket many progressives envision.
    Here are some considerations that might prompt Clinton to pick Warren, and some others why she might just decide to give her a pass.

    Why Clinton might pick Warren

    If you made history once, why not do it twice?
    Warren would not be the first woman picked as a vice presidential nominee — Democrat Geraldine Ferraro in 1984 and Republican Sarah Palin in 2008 have already secured that honor in each major party.
    But a winning Clinton-Warren ticket would make Warren the first female vice president of the United States. After 240 years, the United States would have women filling the top two jobs in the executive branch.
    Within her own family, there is a direct precedent for a themed presidential ticket composed of two symbolically similar figures. In 1992, Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton made a point about his new kind of centrist Democratic leadership by choosing a running mate in his own image: a young, southern politician named Al Gore, then a senator from Tennessee.
    Presidential nominees are often motivated in their choice of running mate by finding someone who can paper over their own liabilities with a particular constituency.
    Clinton’s primary struggle with Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders clearly highlighted her inability to so far win over many progressive corners of the Democratic Party.
    Choosing Warren, a heroine to the progressive movement, could ease that deficit. Warren helped set up President Barack Obama’s Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and is a long time anti-Wall Street campaigner who could soothe much of the distrust in the party about Clinton’s own ties to big corporate finance.
    Warren is also energetic, has no trouble whipping up partisan crowds and has a inside track to big party donors — all important requirements of a vice presidential candidate.
    Vice Presidential nominees are often called upon to unleash the kind of biting political attacks on the rival ticket that would seem unseemly and could compromise the gravitas of a presidential nominee.
    Warren already has that role down. She has emerged as the most effective, sarcastic and mocking Democratic critic of Trump’s character, record as a businessman and vituperative rhetoric. She is particularly effective on Twitter — the social media jungle that the real estate billionaire prowls like no other candidate.
    In a speech on Thursday, Warren, who the real estate magnate has nicknamed “Pocahontas” because of her claimed native American heritage, castigated Trump as a “thin-skinned, racist bully.” And in one recent Tweet, she accused the presumptive Republican nominee of “belching insults” as he could not talk policy.
    David Axelrod, a former aide to Obama and senior CNN political commentator said on “New Day” Friday said Warren has worked out a way to distract Trump.
    “She has been out there and she has been hitting Trump hard and obviously getting under his skin,” David Axelrod, senior CNN political commentator and former aide to Obama, said Friday on CNN’s “New Day.”

    Why Clinton may not pick Warren

    If you’ve made history once — why bother to do it twice?
    By virtue of her gender, Clinton has already ticked the box of having someone on the ticket who can serve as a talisman for women voters as Democrats try to ride a wide gender gap to a third consecutive White House term.
    If Clinton sees the vice presidential nod as a way to boost her standing among crucial Democratic constituencies, she might be better served by picking a Hispanic candidate — perhaps Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro or an African-American running mate such as New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker.
    Vice presidential nominees have sometimes been picked to deliver a crucial swing state or region — the most famous example is the choice of Sen. Lyndon Johnson to join John F. Kennedy’s Democratic ticket in 1960.
    If Clinton is struggling to secure Warren’s home fiefdom of Massachusetts in the Democratic in November, Trump will already be on his way to being President.
    And while Warren is popular with the Democratic left, her strength among Rust-belt white voters who Republicans hope to entice with Trump’s earthy appeal, is untested.
    Should Clinton play the geographic card with her vice presidential pick, she might be better off opting for someone from a swing state — such as Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown, who also has proven blue-collar and progressive credentials.
    There’s a more fundamental reason why Clinton may discard Warren: the question of whether she is ready for the top job after only four years in the Senate and given her relative lack of exposure to national security policy. She’s has also only run one Senate campaign, meaning that throwing her into the heat of a presidential battle, despite her expertize at mocking Trump, may be risky.
    While Clinton’s pedigree as a former secretary of state and global figure is seen by Democrats as satisfying the “commander-in-chief” test that all potential presidential tickets face, she must also consider the the consequences if she could no longer serve.
    “I’m looking at the most qualified people, and that includes women, of course, because I want to be sure that whoever I pick could be President immediately if something were to happen — that’s the most important qualification,” Clinton told CNN’s Anderson Cooper this week.
    The preparedness issue is one reason why some Democrats often mention the name of Tim Kaine as a possible Clinton running mate. The Virginia senator is respected for his foreign policy views. As the commonwealth’s former governor, Kaine also has political networks to draw upon in a crucial swing state.
    Warren’s age may also count against her.
    Clinton would be 69 herself when inaugurated president so picking someone from her own generation — man or woman — for a sexagenarian ticket might leave the important bloc of younger voters cold.
    Though Clinton and Warren met for 66 minutes on Friday in Washington, and have been casual acquaintances, there is not much evidence that they have a close relationship.
    The relationship between presidents and vice presidents is difficult to manage — and it takes time to develop: for example Vice President Joe Biden sometimes infuriated Obama with his lack of discipline during their 2008 campaign. Over the years however, they forged one of the closest bonds of any commander-in-chef and his deputy.
    Only Clinton and Warren can judge how their personal chemistry would evolve.

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    ‘Shocking’! WSJ wardrobe study reveals Ivanka Trump wears her own clothes most of the time

    And by “her own clothes” we mean Ivanka Trump wears her own brand most of the time in some form or another, according to a Wall Street Journal report that for now at least we’ll call “Wardrobe-Gate”:

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    Cleaner ‘blocked’ and fined for being ill

    Image copyright Getty Images

    When Polly Mackenzie heard her cleaner was ill and unable to work her normal day, she was hoping to reschedule through the Handy site that supplied her.

    But that was not how the system worked. When her cleaner was unable to attend on her regular day, Handy offered to send a replacement.

    But the app blocked the cleaner from working for her again.

    The story took a further turn the next day: the cleaner was reinstated – but was also docked £25.

    Ms Mackenzie herself, from south London, was sent what she described to the BBC as “a grovelling email – as if they’d killed my firstborn”, then found her account had been credited with £5 to compensate for the inconvenience.

    She said that meant Handy had “profited £20 from her illness, about twice as much as they’d make if she turned up”.

    New York-based Handy told the BBC the cleaner was automatically blocked by its system as she had appeared as a “no show”.

    Handy said at no point was the cleaner banned and that it was now “reviewing its policy regarding waiving fees for emergencies such as this”.

    It added that the fine was cancelled after the firm learned the reason for her not attending.

    The cleaner has since been made available to Ms Mackenzie once more, but the incident has ignited a debate on social media about the use of app-based services and the gig economy.

    In the gig economy, instead of a regular wage, workers get paid for each job, such as a food delivery or a car journey. One of the best-known examples is driving for Uber.

    Proponents of the gig economy claim that people can benefit from flexible hours, with control over how much time they can work as they juggle other commitments. Those against say its simply another form of employment – without rights or in-work benefits.

    Work but no pay

    It is not unheard of for gig economy workers to be charged for days they do not work.

    Earlier this year, the Guardian reported that Parcelforce couriers who make deliveries for Marks & Spencer, John Lewis and Hamleys could be charged up to £250 a day if they were off sick and could not find someone to cover their shift.

    The debate also came to the boil last week when a tribunal ruled that Uber should give drivers the same rights as workers, rather than treat them as self-employed.

    Handy added: “While there was initial confusion, any fees have been waived and the [cleaner] can continue to work for customers on the platform as a valued member of the Handy community.

    “After reviewing the incident in question we can confirm that the professional was never banned from the platform and has completed bookings since the incident in question.”

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    “They Didnt Know the Whole Story”: Mom Posts Warning That EVERY Parent Needs to Read

    We live in an era where parent shaming has become more popular than ever.

    Particularly with the help of social media, an Instagram snapshot or 15-second video posted to Facebook can give people a window into our lives by which they feel they can judge the whole picture.

    Well, mommy blogger Laura Mazza is on a mission to prove that things aren’t always as they appear. Sometimes, “they didn’t know the whole story.”

    And if they did…their perspectives would be turned upside DOWN.

    In a viral Facebook post, the Mum on the Run blogger shares several eye-opening scenarios that serve as a warning against the danger of judging before walking in someone’s shoes.

    “It’s so easy to assume, so easy to think we know,” writes Laura. “But unless you know the situation you can never know the whole story, so you cannot judge.”

    Read her powerful post in full below: 

    “There was a mother at a play centre, who watched her child like a hawk. Who helped her baby up the slide and saw her child get the confidence to go on his own. She sat down and took a sip of coffee and answered a text.

    A lady came over to her and said her kid was crying, and looked at that mother on her phone in disgust, as neglectful and uninterested.

    Even though it was only for a split second. She didn’t see the whole story.


    There was a mother who grows her own food, who feeds her kids all the good stuff, sometimes hidden, sometimes not.. her child eats well and there is never an issue. She took her child to a fast food restaurant as a treat, his first time and ordered the works. She was told by a stranger that she was a bad mother, that mothers who feed their kids junk food shouldn’t have children. The stranger didn’t know the whole story.

    There was a couple who went away for a week to the Bahamas. It was their belated honeymoon, that they could finally afford as there was a sale on to go a particular week. Their child was left with their grandparents so he could continue school, he was in a special program that helped his development and couldn’t miss a day. For eight years they hadn’t had a date night. Not one. They spent every minute with their child, never leaving his side. They wondered how their marriage survived. They posted a picture of themselves at the beach with the caption ‘rekindling our love’. They received a comment saying ‘how could you travel without your child?! Don’t have kids if you’re too selfish to take them with you’. They didn’t know the whole story.

    There was a father who the most patient man, who is always kind and gentle, he’s never laid a hand on his children. Ever. Never even raised his voice. He got laid off from work, after 15 years of service, told he had to go immediately. He took the kids with him to claim welfare, the kids ran around excited and knocked over a pot plant. He turned around and yelled the loudest he’s ever yelled for the kids to stay still. ‘Abusive dad on drugs I bet…’ said one worker to another, the guy never took a thing in his life, and was a hard working good dad. They didn’t know the story.

    It’s so easy to assume, so easy to think we know, but unless you know the situation you can never know the whole story, so you cannot judge.”

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