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77 Percent of US Small Businesses Use Social Media for Sales, Marketing and Customer Service – MarTech Series

MarTech Series

77 Percent of US Small Businesses Use Social Media for Sales, Marketing and Customer Service
MarTech Series
77% of US small businesses use social media to facilitate key business functions including sales, marketing and customer service, according to data aggregated by SCORE, the nation's largest network of volunteer, expert business mentors. Social media …
Why Your Personal Brand Is Your ProductEntrepreneur
Using Social Media to Boost Engagement With Self-Storage CustomersInside Self-Storage
Just how big are the social media giants?Sky News

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Whitney Houston birthday reignites Brandy vs. Monica

(CNN)Must you do the things you do, Brandy?

The singer and former duet partner Monica were part of an Internet firestorm Wednesday on what would have been Whitney Houston’s 54th birthday.
The single-named singers both posted tributes to Houston, who died of an accidental drowning and the effects of atherosclerotic heart disease and cocaine use in 2012.
    On an Instagram posting of a photo of Houston, Monica wrote “Happy Heavenly Birthday Nippy … You still inspire many & touch hearts daily… You will forever be the greatest …. You will forever be missed.”

    Happy Heavenly Birthday Nippy … You still inspire many & touch hearts daily… You will forever be the greatest …. You will forever be missed

    A post shared by Monica Brown (@monicabrown) on Aug 9, 2017 at 1:50am PDT

    whitNot to be outdone, Brandy followed up with a collage of images of her and Houston, with whom she co-starred in a 1997 remake of “Cinderella.”

    Lord have mercy on my soul!!! Happy Born Day Whitney. You live on in me… I can feel your Spirit inside of me and all around me. My angel, my friend, my fairy God Mother. I love you forever… thank you for trusting me with the torch!!! I remember every moment with you and I and I will cherish these miraculous moments forever and ever! I love you…. 8/9-2/11 #WhitneyHouston

    A post shared by b r n d Y (@4everbrandy) on Aug 9, 2017 at 7:55am PDT

    “Happy Born Day Whitney. You live on in me… I can feel your Spirit inside of me and all around me,” Brandy wrote. “My angel, my friend, my fairy God Mother. I love you forever… thank you for trusting me with the torch!!! “
    That caused some to accuse Brandy of making it all about her. Others saw it as a shady swipe at Monica, with whom Brandy famously sang the 1998 song “The Boy is Mine” — which cast them as rivals for the same guy.
    A few people took to the comments on Brandy’s Instagram to express their displeasure, and she snapped back with a comment about how “Monica needs to really check her evil a** fans.”
    “It’s so much stuff I can post about the hateful things they say to me… but I will never have time for that,” Brandy wrote. “Always thinking something is about her. It’s not!!”
    “Me and Whitney have nothing to do with anyone but the two of us,” added Brandy, who also did three other Houston tributes on her Instagram. “We made history and I cared more about being with her than I did about anything else.”
    It’s not the first time social media has taken sides.
    Last year, there was some uproar when Monica fans were posting online versions of her hit “So Gone” as part of the viral #SoGoneChallenge. When one fan asked Brandy if she would participate in the challenge, the singer’s response was “Chile bye.”

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    12 breathtaking Instagram photos of the solar eclipse

    After weeks of endless hype, the solar eclipse quickly came and went on Monday, but not before leaving us with some out-of-this-world images.

    People from across the United States put on their special glasses and aimed their cameras to the sky to document the mysterious occasion. What came next was a barrage of photos posted to social media. Of the more than 2 million #eclipse Instagram photos, we’re going to look at 12 that best document the captivating phenomenon that stopped every American in their tracks, if only for a few moments. Check them out below.

    1) Totality

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    2) Peek a boo

    3) Umbra from the International Space Station

    4) Timelapse

    Totality #eclipse

    A post shared by Aidan Black (@aidanblack106) on Aug 21, 2017 at 2:16pm PDT

    5) Shadows of an eclipse

    6) Mesmerized

    7) The invasion

    Just average day hanging out at #centerline of #totality at #eclipse 2017 #nofilter

    A post shared by Fannie Allen Design (@fannieallen) on Aug 21, 2017 at 2:21pm PDT

    8) A view from Earth

    9) North Carolina watch party

    The #SolarEclipse2017 in #JacksonCountyNC was breathtaking! #NCEclipse #TotalSolarEclipse #Totality @visitnc @nasagoddard

    A post shared by Jackson County NC Tourism (@discoverjacksonnc) on Aug 21, 2017 at 2:21pm PDT

    10) The ring

    11) Surrounded by beauty

    Teton totality was awesome! #tetontotality #eclipse

    A post shared by Ryan (@ryanarreno) on Aug 21, 2017 at 2:25pm PDT

    12) POTUS goes rogue

    #DonaldTrump 😩😂 #SolarEclipse #WSHH

    A post shared by WorldStar Hip Hop // WSHH (@worldstar) on

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    You Are Not Solely Defined By Who You Are On The Internet

    You are not a two inch photo on a cracked phone screen.
    You are not a Facebook status.
    You are not an Instagram selfie.
    You are not a cleverly-written, 140 character tweet.
    You are not just the girl with a wine glass in her profile photo.
    You are not just the guy with a skateboard and a crooked smile.
    And you are not defined by your social media alone.

    People dont know you just because they see you on the internet, just because theyve liked your latest post or commented on a status.

    They dont know you solely because they matched with you on Tinder, or they agree wholeheartedly with an article link you shared, or even if the two of you messaged back and forth for a few weeks.

    You are not defined by your image on the internet; you are not only the pictures you post and the things you write.

    You are a person who works hard at a long day job or overnight shift, who trudges forward even with a headache, or a father in the hospital, or a sister battling anorexia.

    You are someone who returns to a house full of kids at the end of the day, who has a mother who passed away, who is a single parent, a student in her final weeks, or a man sore from a long, collegiate practice.

    Whoever you are is not defined by a photo, a caption, or a two-sentence bio.

    Someone cannot look at your profile and know who you are. They cant see the struggles youve faced, the battles youve overcome, the terrible and wonderful things that have happened to you.

    They dont know your pain; they dont know your triumph.

    They dont know that you are tougher and smarter than you look, or that youre raging a mini-war against inner demons, or that youre jumping for joy because you just accepted a job offer youd always dreamed of.

    Words and photos on a website cannot tell people all these things.

    Your social media page cannot tell the beautifully crafted story of your life and of who you are. It cannot define you. And it cannot perfectly represent you.

    Dont let the internet be the source of your happiness, or the measure of who you have become. Dont let people believe that you are solely the person they see on their computers, on their phones.

    You dont have to put up a faade. You dont have to pretend that you always have your life in order and that things are always as they should be.

    You dont have to show the world your selfies but not .

    We live in a world where the internet is our means of expression, where social media has been a source of both communication and comfort, where we lean into these images and posts to help us discover ourselves and discover others like us.

    But who we are on a screen is so much more one-dimensional than who we are in person.

    And you dont have to be afraid to be who you are. Who you are off the internet.

    In person, we are complex and broken and misshapen and truly wonderful. We are real people with real desires and real heartbeats. We are all scared of something, all hopeful, all learning and growing every single day.

    And this cannot be discovered through a pixelated image, through a Facebook post, through a tweet, through a back-and-forth stream of online messages.

    It can only be discovered in face-to-face conversation, in real-time interaction, in hand-holding and eye contact, in smiles and deep conversations about things that .

    So God bless social media for the way it has built us, shaped us, allowed us to flourish and grow and connect with people all over the world. But when it comes to living our lives, to finding love, to connecting with others in , please set it aside.

    Because who you are isnt just who you are on the internet.
    I promise, you are so much more.

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    Kindergarten dresses children as jihadis for parade in Indonesia

    Manager apologises for independence day march costumes and denies trying to instil violence into children

    A kindergarten in Indonesia has been criticised for dressing girls up in black, Isis-style costumes and replica rifles for an independence day parade, with organisers forced to apologise for the embarrassing gaffe.

    Photos of the “cultural” parade held in the city of Probolinggo, east Java, on Saturday showed lines of young girls marching on the street wearing niqab-style black veils, carrying cardboard cutouts of guns.

    The head of the TK Kartika kindergarten apologised “deeply” for the costumes, expressing regret over the decision and saying they were not trying to “instil violence” in the kindergarten children.

    “We raised the theme of the struggle of the Prophet to increase faith and devotion to Allah,” said kindergarten head Hartatik, when asked to explain the controversial attire.

    The kindergarten is on the site of an Indonesian military complex, and Saturday’s parade took place a day after independence day, which falls on 17 August, in the world’s largest Muslim-majority nation.

    Asked to explain why the kindergarten had chosen the costumes, Hartatik admitted they had pooled props from previous years to save money.

    “We used it to save funds,” Hartatik told BBC Indonesia. “[We] never thought about the impact. The important thing is to take part in the parade, that the children were happy, using the existing property.”

    The kindergarten head did not offer any explanation as to why the jihadist-style costumes had been used in previous years.

    Speaking at a media conference following uproar over the event, Probolinggo military commander, Lieutenant Colonel Kav Depri Rio Saransi said the parade was purely to educate the students about the “struggle of Islam” but was not intended to promote religious radicalism.

    “There is not the slightest bit of radicalism. I emphasise that purely there is no such thing as an element of intentionally showing the existence of radical activities,” he said, before offering a further apology.

    Images and videos of the parade went viral on social media in the country and hit the same day that Indonesia opened the 18th Asian Games in a spectacular ceremony in Jakarta, which celebrated the country’s rich cultural diversity.

    The Probolinggo parade is an embarrassing gaffe for Indonesia as it works to show its best face to the world through the huge sporting event involving 45 countries, the largest of its kind after the Olympics.

    News of the parade has also reached the Indonesian parliament, with House speaker Bambang Soesatyo describing it as an “inappropriate spectacle”.

    “Ordering children to wear black veiled costumes and carry replica weapons gives a poor perception,” he said, “Treatment like that could damage children’s ideas.”

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