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Russia protests: More than 1,000 detained, monitoring group says

(CNN)Police in Russia detained at least 1,018 people in nationwide protests against a proposed government pension overhaul Sunday, a Russian independent monitoring group said.

The crackdown was heaviest in Russia’s second largest city, St. Petersburg, according to independent local media and OVD-Info, a nonprofit organization that monitors detentions. The group said at least 452 people were detained in the city.
Images from the St. Petersburg protests quickly went viral. A local photographer, David Frenkel, confirmed to CNN that he had captured two particularly arresting images: the detention of a school-age boy and an older pensioner.
    TV Rain, an independent television channel, said one of its correspondents, Masha Borzunova, was hit with a baton as police broke up protests in Moscow.
    “Others got hit harder,” she wrote on Twitter. “No need to worry about me.”
      Navalny is largely excluded from state airwaves but has reached a wide audience through a YouTube channel and social media. A Navalny Twitter account posted video of the arrest of one activist as he streamed a live appearance from the Moscow protest.
      Protests organized by Navalny have become a vehicle for expressing discontent with Russian President Vladimir Putin and government corruption. Putin’s ratings remain consistently high but have been dented by the pension controversy.

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      Kelly Osbourne Revenge-Tweets Phone Number Of Ozzy’s Alleged Mistress

      Kelly Osbourne, giver of zero f**ks, just called out her father’s alleged mistress in the most brutal of ways. After Ozzy and Sharon split after almost 33 years of marriage earlier this month, the rocker’s rumored infidelity with hairstylist Michelle Pugh was largely considered to be the reason for the decision. And now, thanks to Kelly, you can contact Pugh and tell her how you really feel! 

      On Monday, Kelly tweeted out an Los Angeles-based phone number in a message most likely targeting Ozzy’s alleged mistress. The number is no longer in use (we tried), but her tweet should forever be enshrined in the Twitter Hall of Fame. 

      Osbourne tweeted out a phone number along with the message that anyone looking “for cheap chunky LOW-lights,” “a blow out and a blowjob” should call it. 

      But Kelly didn’t stop there. Opening the Pandora’s box that is one’s Twitter mentions, the reality TV star engaged in a dialogue with some vocal followers about the ethics of posting someone’s phone number on social media. 

      The conversation also elicited some new information about the alleged affair. Apparently, Kelly considers the tryst to be elder abuse. After one commenter wrote that both Ozzy and Pugh are responsible, Kelly defended dear ol’ dad by stating that he’s in his late 60s and therefore exempt from any blame. 

      Can’t we all just go back to simpler times when the Osbournes were dropping F-bombs during breakfast on MTV and Kelly was a punk princess rocking a Rubik’s Cube earring? 

      UPDATE: On Tuesday, Sharon Osbourne addressed her daughter’s controversial tweets on her daytime talk show, “The Talk,” playing the comments off as largely humorous. 

      “What can you do but laugh,” Sharon explained to her co-hosts, according to Entertainment Weekly. “You have to laugh. And she’s just so funny.”

      Osbourne added, “She loves her mom and loves her dad so much and listen, I’m always proud of my girl. What are you going to do? Be angry with her because she loves her mom and dad?”

      We have reached out to Kelly’s representatives and will update this post accordingly. 

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      DigiTour Media gets ready for spring break with 28-city tour


      With its latest announcement,DigiTour Mediais shouting spring break! The company known for producing live events that feature social media stars has announced theSpring Break tour, which will bring a group of digital media influencers to28 cities in the US.

      As has been the case withsome of DigiTours other recent events, the creators who will hit the road for Spring Break are a young, up-and-coming bunch who have medium-sized followings online. The most recognizable name within the lineup isCrawford Collins, who is known for making videos with his brother Chris and has 1.6 million followers on Vine. Joining him on the tour will beMark Thomas,Loren Gray,Weston Koury, and the members of5Quad, a fledgling online video supergroup.

      The stars of Spring Break all appeared in a video introducing the tour. It can be found onDigiTours YouTube channel.

      We listen to our fans, as a result this line up and Spring Break tour were born from those conversations, saidMeridith Valiando Rojas, DigiTour Co-Founder and CEO, in a press release. Some of the talent, like 5Quad and Crawford weve worked with before and were bringing back due to popular demand. Others like Loren Gray, DuhItzMark and Weston Koury we discovered onMusical.lyandYouNowand represent a new wave of talent.

      DigiTours Spring Break will begin onApril 1stin Anaheim and will weave its way back-and-forth across the country before concluding in Sacramento onMay 5th. Tickets for those two shows, as well as the 26 others that will occur during Spring Break, are available from theDigiTour website. The base ticket price is $25; for fans who wish to get up close to their favorite creators, VIP packages start at $130.

      Screengrab via The DigiTour/YouTube

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