The Apple Watch rolls out a new challenge for the New Year

Making excuses for breaking New Years resolutions used to be a hell of a lot simpler. Now that weve got social media for every life choice and are wearing our fitness levels on our wrists, theres really no reason not to keep up. Which isnt to say, of course, that we all couldnt use an extra jolt.

Back in November, Apple offered anotherholiday-themed fitness challenge a Turkey Trot-style 5K tied to Thanksgiving. Naturally, the company will be doing something similar tied to the New Year an update set to start rolling out to Apple Watch owners on December 28 thats designed to extend the challenge for a full month.

When they pop their watcheson in the morning, theyll be greeted by the Ring in the New Year Challenge set for January 2 (to give wearersan extra day to recover, one assumes), designed to get users to close all three of the Watchs rings for a full week during the month.

As with the Turkey Trot, Apple will be looking to make this a social event, with shareable achievements and goals for hitting a full weeks worth of activity in early January or as we like to call it here, CES.

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Fake videos on social media about strikes against Syria –

Fake videos on social media about strikes against Syria
Following US, French and British air strikes on three Syrian targets on Saturday, a lot of pictures and videos are being shared on social media allegedly showing the attacks. However, as with other events such as mass shootings or other major events, a
White House cites social media, open-source outlets in US assessment of alleged Douma attackRT
Not in My Name, Theresa May: Social Media Users Oppose UK Strikes in SyriaSputnik International

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Trump bans agencies from ‘providing updates on social media or to reporters’

Administration put de facto gag order on EPA and agriculture department staff, following similar guidance for USDA and Department of Transportation, reports say

The Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Agriculture have been placed under de facto gag orders by the Trump administration, according to documents obtained by news organizations.

The president has banned EPA employees from providing updates on social media or to reporters, according to interagency emails first obtained by the Associated Press, and barred them from awarding new contracts or grants as well. Trump is reportedly planning massive cuts and rollbacks for the agency.

This follows similar guidance to USDA employees, who were instructed in an internal memo obtained by Buzzfeed not to release any public-facing documents including news releases, photos, fact sheets, news feeds, and social media content until further notice. Specifically the request was made to employees of the Agricultural Research Service, the USDAs primary research wing, which is heavily involved in research regarding climate change.

In a statement Tuesday, the USDA called the email sent to staff flawed and said the proposed policy would be replaced. This internal email was released without departmental direction, and prior to departmental guidance being issued, the statement read. ARS values and is committed to maintaining the free flow of information between our scientists and the American public.

The two blackouts reported on Tuesday bring to at least five the number of federal agencies which have been ordered silent by Trump in as many days. In his briefing on Tuesday, Trumps press secretary Sean Spicer said he needed to look further into the matter before making any comment.

Over the weekend, the Department of the Interiors social media privileges were briefly suspended by the president after the National Park Service published a picture comparing Trumps inauguration crowd to that of Barack Obama in 2009.

The tweet has since been deleted, and the NPS Twitter account has apologized for tweeting it.

They had inappropriately violated their own social media policies, Spicer told reporters on Tuesday. There was guidance that was put out to the department to act in compliance with the rules that were set forth.
Around the time of Spicers briefing, the social media account for the Badlands National Park seemed to defy whatever guidance had been given them by the Trump administration. The Badlands account started tweeting facts about the perils of global warming, noting for instance that there is more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere than at any time in the last 650,000 years. No one replied to requests for interviews at the South Dakota branch of the NPS.
As of approximately 5.30pm on Tuesday, their tweet thread had apparently been deleted.

Badlands Nat’l Park (@BadlandsNPS)

Today, the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is higher than at any time in the last 650,000 years. #climate

January 24, 2017

Then, according to Politico, Department of Transportation employees were instructed on Monday not to publish news releases or engage on Dots social media accounts. This was not described as an order, but a recommendation.

Huffington Post also reported that officials at sub-agencies of the Department of Health and Human Services have been told not to send any correspondence to public officials.

Social media, and specifically Twitter, was integral to Trumps campaign for the presidency. Since his inauguration, he has tweeted almost 40 times, from his two accounts.

The Department of Defense tweeted on Monday: Social media postings sometimes provide an important window into a persons #mentalhealth, which some pundits considered a reference to Trumps occasional early morning Twitter rants.

Additional reporting by Alan Yuhas

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Content Marketing Surges, Tops $16 Billion Worldwide 04/13/2018 – MediaPost Communications

MediaPost Communications

Content Marketing Surges, Tops $16 Billion Worldwide 04/13/2018
MediaPost Communications
Reflecting a strategic push by marketers to bypass conventional advertising and media-buying, so-called “content marketing” has grown in a relatively short period of time into a $16 billion global industry. That is among the top line findings of the
Global Branded Entertainment Revenues Up 8% to $106B in 2017 …PR Web (press release)

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When Trump is silent on Twitter, it says a lot

Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump’s Twitter feed, for better or worse, has become the single most effective way for him to talk to the American people.

Trump has talked about how the people in his press office — his paid spokespeople — can’t really be trusted to speak for him since they don’t know his latest thinking.
He tweeted Friday that his social media accounts — with 100 million followers, by his count, if you combine them all together, including the same people using different accounts (an analysis for CNN found his actual number of combined followers is closer to 60 million) — are the way he gets around what he calls “the Fake News Media.”
    “The Fake News Media hates when I use what has turned out to be my very powerful Social Media – over 100 million people! I can go around them.”
    But Trump’s Twitter feed is as powerful in what it doesn’t say as what it does. As of noon, the President had tweeted just once Monday a jam-packed post that did not mention several important issues: seven US sailors killed after their ship’s collision with a merchant vessel off Japan’s Izu Peninsula, another seven service members wounded in Afghanistan, news of a US Navy jet’s downing of a Syrian warplane and a deadly attack on Muslim worshippers on the streets of London.
    Throughout the weekend, as these stories broke and developed, his focus on this most public platform has been the federal probe he now regularly dismisses as a “witch hunt.”
    “I am being investigated for firing the FBI Director by the man who told me to fire the FBI Director! Witch Hunt,” he tweeted Friday.
    Trump’s attorney, Jay Sekulow, spent the weekend and Monday morning playing cleanup for that admission, arguing on cable news programs that actually the President is not under investigation despite the tweet.

      Trump lawyer’s full heated ‘New Day’ interview

    Since the Friday morning tweet that caused Sekulow so much grief, Trump has used Twitter to tout an online poll that he says shows the American people are behind him, share video of his announcement to roll back aspects of the Obama administration’s Cuba policy, say again that he’s the victim of a “Witch Hunt,” retweet his son’s criticism of former President Barack Obama, wish everyone a happy Father’s Day, and encourage people in Georgia to vote for Republican Karen Handel in a runoff election Tuesday.
    But while Trump’s Twitter account has become the way most Americans hear his thoughts, he’s not likely to use it to talk about issues that might make him uncomfortable — unless it is to defend himself in the ongoing investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller into Russia’s election meddling and allegations of collusion by Trump campaign officials. That’s the “witch hunt,” remember.
    But there are a few issues on which the Twitter-happy President has notably not chosen to make his voice heard after a busy weekend throughout the world, which he spent at Camp David with his wife and son:
    On the developing Finsbury Park attack, in which a van rammed into a crowd of Muslim worshipers after Ramadan prayers in London, the President has so far been silent.
    Trump has been quick to weigh in on other terror attacks. Within two hours of the London Bridge attack in early June, Trump was tweeting about it as evidence to justify his travel ban on six majority-Muslim nations. The travel ban is still stymied in the courts. His tweets that morning kicked off a spat between the President of the US and London’s mayor.
    At other times, Trump has labeled something terrorism even before local authorities. It was not a tweet, but he offered condolences to victims of a mass shooting at a casino in the Philippines, calling it a terrorist attack, and a few minutes later officials in Manila announced it was a robbery.
    There are two other important incidents on which Trump might be expected to weigh in, but on which his Twitter account has stayed quiet:
    First, he did tweet as the Navy searched for missing sailors after the USS Fitzgerald collided with a much larger container ship flagged to the Philippines, the ACX Crystal, Saturday off the coast of Japan. But he has not tweeted since the Navy announced it had found the bodies of seven sailors who went missing after the accident.
    He has also not tweeted about an attack on a military base in Afghanistan that injured seven US service members. That attack is thought to be a “green-on-blue” attack by a member of the Afghan military.
    Last week, Trump’s White House announced in a statement that the President had ceded authority on troop levels in Afghanistan to his secretary of Defense, retired Gen. James Mattis, who is thought to be ready to send between 3,000 and 5,000 additional troops to support US counterterrorism operations against ISIS and the Taliban. Trump has also delegated that authority to Mattis for Iraq and Syria, where the US is fighting ISIS.
    Beyond not tweeting about the attack on US service members or his decision to delegate authority on troop levels, Trump has also not tweeted on a situation in Syria that could potentially spiral into an air war with Syria and potentially Russia.
    If Twitter is indeed Trump’s preferred method for engaging with the public, a note something! on these matters of life and death, war and peace, might be welcome … and soon.

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    Content Marketing Skills for the Future: Becoming a Creative Dynamo – The Content Standard by Skyword

    The Content Standard by Skyword

    Content Marketing Skills for the Future: Becoming a Creative Dynamo
    The Content Standard by Skyword
    What does it take to succeed in content marketing? Tenacity, teamwork, and some fundamental content marketing skills don't sound all that bad as a basic list. But ask a marketer to lay out what they consider to be fundamental knowledge for content
    Content Marketing Surges, Tops $16 Billion WorldwideMediaPost Communications

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