A new look, and life, for the digital photo frame

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, which is true if you’re looking at great picture.

Digital photo frames of the past  had a reputation for being bulky and hard to operate unless you had the right tools to upload photos to a jump drive. The user would also need to remove the drive and upload more photos if they wanted variety, or mail the jump drive to family and friends who did not have access to download images themselves.

The frames were not used for communication, but more to display your favorite photos. Now, enter the Aura frame. This  handcrafted smart frame uses state-of-the-art technology and a smartphone app that lets users automatically display photos over Wi-Fi, direct from their phones. 


After testing this device, I thought it would be a great option for my Wi-Fi using grandmother who only accesses the internet through her smart TV and does not own a smartphone or a computer. This device allows her to be sitting in her home 1,000 miles away from any relatives and receive real-time images from an unlimited list of family and friends who download and use the app to send photos to her frame. For someone who is not connected to social media, this is a life-changing device. The digital photo frame goes from a piece of art to a communication device that sends information by way of photos to your loved ones. It has a unique gift feature that alllows the frame to be pre-synced to personalize the images initially on the frame so that the recipient opens the box to a personal photo. 

The high-resolution LCD screen beautifully displays each photo and it uses integrated tech features such as:

  • Sensor technology to detects and adjust frame lighting in the room
  • Gesture control lets you swipe through photos for ease of use; gesture up to notify contributors you “Love” the memory shared 
  • Facial recognition automatically creates photo collections of people who you take pictures of most often
  • Pet collections create a photo collection of your cat or dog with pet facial recognizition

Another neat feature of the frame is that with the new trend of “live photos” it will display a combination of still and live photos and video. For users with large photo collections, the frame also houses an unlimited amount of photos and only displays the best selection, omitting blurry, low contrast, or duplicate images. For energy conscious consumers, the device will turn off automatically when it senses the room is completely dark. 


Whether you have family oversees, across the country, or across the street the Aura frame has the ability to keep everyone connected and aware of big and small life events. 

Please keep in mind, however, that a smartphone is required to initially set up the frame to the wifi internet connection.

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