Beirut Attacks: The Hero Who Sacrificed His Life To Save Hundreds From Suicide Bomber

His amazing act of courage killed him, but he has been hailed as a hero after his sacrifice saved dozens, if not hundreds of lives.

Today, the news of his daughters survival has been celebrated by thousands.

Elie Fares, a Beirut-based physician, told PRI that many families, hundreds of families probably owe their completeness to his sacrifice.

Isis have since claimed responsibility for the attack on social media, but this is yet to be officially verified. Many have taken to Twitter to hail Termos as a hero and to remember his selfless act and other victims.

Tammam Salam, Lebanons Prime Minister, condemned the attacks and described them as unjustifiable – he called forhis citizens to unite against plans to create strife.

The bombing is the deadliest in the capital since the end of Lebanons civil war in 1990.


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