The photographs alone are enough to make you break out in a cold sweat.

China has just opened what could be the worlds most terrifying skywalk so far a 328 foot long path strapped to the side of the Tianmen Mountain in Hunan province.

Called the Coiling Dragon Cliff skywalk, it overlooks Tongtian Avenue, a mountain road with 99 turns that snakes up the mountain in Hunans Zhangjiajie National Forest Park.

It also provides a gut-churning view of the 980 foot drop below.

Photographs from the skywalk, which has just opened to the public, show some cautious visitors staying close to the mountainside while others bravely posed for photographs closer to the edge.

Were hoping visitors to the Coiling Dragon Cliff will have better luck than the tourists who walked along a skywalk Chinas Henan province that began to shatter last year.

Tourists were left screaming when the Yuntai Mountain walkway appeared to start to give way.

Witnesses said the two-and-a-quarter foot wide glass pane shattered when they walked over it, and panic caused a mini stampede towards the end of the path.

Lee Dong Hai, who was on the walkway at the time, shared his moment of terror on the social media site Weibo.

My foot shook a little. I looked down and I saw that there was a crack in the floor, he wrote.

A lot of people started to scream. I screamed out, It cracked! It really cracked! and then I pushed the people in front of me so that we could run out of the way.