Guy Who Said He Blagged His Way Into James Bond Premiere Revealed As Massive Fake

Remember this guy?!

Probably not. Basically, after the Spectre premier, he claimed to have blagged his way in using a fake ticket.

He then went about fraternising with the rich and famous and persisted taking photos of everything and documenting it (just like a celebrity wouldnt).

Here’s his video of how he did it…

Yeah so basically, he lied.

The part time radio presenterclaimedhe created fake tickets after seeing real ones posted on social media.

He told Newsbeat:

“We managed it… with some tickets we managed to prepare thanks to an Instagram post we’d discovered of an image of a ticket.
“The key thing was the bar code.”

However, aRoyal Albert Hall spokesman has since sent this statement:

“For anyone who has seen the video of James Ware attending, we are happy to confirm that he was actually an official premiere guest.

“Our database shows that James bought his tickets from the box office prior to the event.”

In the video, he is seen talking to Chris Evans, Naomi Harris and Sam Smith and he goes on to say how shockingly easy he found it to wonder onto the red carpet to get into the cinema.

“My confidence was probably lower than the bottom of the Pacific. I was feeling very nervous and picturing what it would be like to be escorted away in front of these hordes of screaming fans.”

“When it came off it was just pure relief and ecstasy.”

In the first place, people weren’t all that convinced of his feat, however he was still happy to talk to press. Since then, he’s not been contactable…

Silly, really.

It could be worse… he could have filmed in portrait mode.

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