Mark Ruffalo Gets Heat On Twitter For Casting Matt Bomer In Transgender Role! See His Response!

Ruffalo, who is executive producing and starring in the film, addressed the backlash over the American Horror Story star’s involvement, letting the trans community know he was “glad” the conversation is happening.

On Wednesday, he shared on Twitter:

The 48-year-old’s comments came after members of the LGBT community voiced their frustrations over the lack of trans representation in what is described as a “transgender drama.”

Social media users criticized the casting, arguing that an actual trans woman should have been cast in the role instead of a cisgender actor:

Though Ruffalo genuinely seemed empathetic to the community’s concern, he said that there was nothing that could be done at this point since the movie had already been filmed, tweeting:

Hopefully, the actor really is “learning” and remembers this when he casts his next film!

What do YOU think about the controversy?

[Image via Dan Jackman/IPA/WENN.]

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