Sean Spicer Addresses ‘Alternative Facts’ & Donald Trump’s Feelings On The Women’s March In First Official White House Press Briefing — Watch The Lowlights!

Considering in his first White House press conference, Press Secretary Sean Spicer used some sort of

The first press briefing under Spicer began with the White House employee summarizing the Trumpster’s activities of the day — including a meeting between the Commander-in-Chief and business leaders as well as a presidential memorandum where Donald withdrew the U.S. from the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Not to mention, Sean noted the president signed an executive order which bans the country from sending funds to organizations that provide abortions abroad. It’s like it’s the ’80s all over again! See? Time warp!

Oof. However, our ears perked up when Spicer addressed all of the MIA pages from the White House website, on top of discussing his completely false statement about Drumpf’s Inauguration numbers. Strap yourselves in folks, the bullshit is dumping down hard and fast!

When asked when the Spanish speaking WH site would be up and running, the press secretary noted they were “working piece by piece” to get the website up and running. That’s great, but what about the LGBT portal? When are we gonna get that homepage back? Sigh.

Of course, it didn’t take long for the press corp to call out the political figure for misspeaking about the number of people who watched Trump’s swearing-in-ceremony. While speaking to ABC‘s Jonathan Karl, Donald’s mouthpiece commented:

“It is. It’s an honor to do this. I believe we have to be honest…I think sometimes we can disagree with the facts. Our intention is never to lie to you, Jonathan.”

Yeah, sure. Once asked if he’d make any corrections to the statement he (clearly) fucked up, the 45-year-old defended he didn’t “make the numbers up out of thin air.” Not to mention, he seemed to get into a bit of a pissing match with the press by saying they “attempt” to go after the 70-year-old as “rush to judgment every time” in regards to controversial news…

Unfortunately, Sean didn’t stop there as he tried to clarify his blatantly false comments about the Inauguration by saying that many people weren’t taking into account the numbers who tuned in via social media. He retorted:

“I’m pretty sure that [Ronald] Reagan didn’t have YouTube, Facebook or the internet.”

*eye roll*

Mr. Spicer went on to complain some more about being constantly “undermined” by the press, specifically about the controversial president’s cabinet appointments and policy ideas. Sean stated:

“Somedays we do the right thing…It’s not always wrong or negative.”

See that heated exchange (below)!

Despite repeatedly saying the President wants to make this country better for everyone, the administration’s spokesperson said he “didn’t know” whether or not Trump was planning to repeal or maintain the work the Obama administration did to protect LGBT worker’s from discrimination.

In regards, to the women’s marches which occurred nationwide over the weekend, the press secretary relayed:

“I think he has a healthy respect for the First Amendment.”

Well, duh. We’ve read his tweets.

See more on that (below)!

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