Student Promises To “Surprise” Everyone At School, Then The Police Come Knocking

With school shootings dominating the news these days, cryptic social media posts are being scrutinized very carefully. Case in point, high school student, Jonathon Coffing, from Radcliff, Kentucky, who found police officers banging on his door after writing a mysterious Snapchat post.

Check out the video below, which explains the state of gun violence in the United States in 18 easy-to-understand charts:

Jonathon posted a picture of just the lower portion of his face and captioned it “bout to be surprising everyone at school tomorrow”. With the heightened anxiety around school shootings in America, one of Jonathon’s classmates saw the post and reported it to police.

Officers then arrived at his parents’ home at midnight the same day and demanded an explanation.

Jonathan, who describes himself as a “pacifist”, had simply gotten a new haircut and that was the “surprise” he was referring to in the post.

The teen has hopes of joining the Navy in the future and had decided to get a buzz cut. He had no idea that shaving his head would be a matter for the police!

Jonathon, who had never had a run-in with police before, described the incident in his own words to UNILAD:

“It was midnight the same night I posted it they came knocking at the door of my parents’ house. I was in bed so my dad came and woke me up. I came down and they said they got an anonymous report I posted something on Snapchat that was apparently threatening.”

“I told them I didn’t mean anything by it and I was just talking about my haircut. They had me show them what it was and make a statement talking about how I didn’t mean anything threatening and how there wasn’t any ulterior motive to me posting it.”

Jonathon immediately posted an explanation to Snapchat. His brother, Caleb, saw the Snapchat story and couldn’t believe the amount of trouble his brother’s new haircut had gotten him into.

“I instantly started cracking up at the ridiculous situation my brother got himself into and the preposterous notion he would intentionally harm anyone,” Caleb said.

He added, “I can definitely understand the concern given the current climate in America, but I feel it was a bit of comic relief to such a tense topic.”

Although it turns out the police had a right to be concerned as just the very next day, Jonathon’s school was placed on lockdown after an individual with a gun was spotted on school property. No one was hurt and the individual was apprehended, but it goes to show how serious the situation is.

Just this year alone, there have already been 17 school shootings in the United States. That’s more than once a week. In fact, more Americans have been killed by guns than have been killed in all wars in US history.

Perhaps it’s time we did a little more than check in on cryptic Snapchat postings and actually address the issue of gun control in America.

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